Car Mobile Phone Holder 360 Degree Mini Rotating Round Phone Holder black


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Product category: mobile phone holder
Material: ABS
Colour: Black
Size: 50-80mm
The weight is about 0.15KG
Product features:
The frame is composed of a base and a frame. The bracket and the base are connected by a spherical universal joint, which can be adjusted freely in 360°, until you feel the best position
A necessary car holder for smart phoneGPS positioning and navigation. The width of the fixture can be adjusted freely, with a minimum of 50mm and a maximum of 80mm. It is suitable for all styles of PDA smart phones on the market, and suitable GPS navigation can also be placed on the horizontal screen
Two-layer reinforced sponge clamp to prevent the machine from falling forward. Slightly pull the clamp to facilitate quick removal of the machine
Easy and convenient installation: strong suction cups are used to stably suck on the windshield. Suitable for GPS/PND/PSPI-POD/IPHONE/MP3/MP4/mobile phones, etc.
– Adopt a strong gel suction cup to stably suck on the windshield.
– Two-layer reinforced sponge clamp to prevent the machine from falling forward.
– Gently pull to open, convenient and quick to take off the machine.
– Ultra-powerful suction cup, which is more firmly attached under the windshield. Twist and turn, take the air out of the suction cup, and the suction cup will become a vacuum! The car bracket can't be removed even if I want to. Frame mobile phone card slot stretch parameters: The minimum machine width is about: 50mm The maximum machine width is about: within 80mm (all applicable car brackets) Suitable models: smart models (machine width: 50mm–80mm )
Installation steps: The packaging box has a small flat plate. One side of this small plate is super glue. Peel off a piece of plastic film on the surface, stick it on the dashboard of the car (same as installing perfume) and then suck the suction cup on the flat plate. Turn the wheel behind the suction cup one more time to attract it. Installation precautions: Do not install the product close to or on the airbag cover, or within the airbag deployment range
1*Car phone holder
Note:Due to some errors in manual measurement, the actual object should be received as the criterion

Dimensiones 50 × 50 cm


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